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News: Trees, Cemeteries, Public Grounds, & Main Street

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8/1/2018 12:00:00 AM  John Sherman 

The Grounds Division maintains all Town street trees, parks, cemeteries, landscape gardens and athletic fields.  

  • What happens to the tree that fell after a major storm?
    • The Town’s responsibility is to keep all roads passable. Trees that have fallen into the road will be cut and pushed off to the side. The disposal of the tree is the responsibility of the homeowner. Many homeowners prefer to keep the wood for their own use. If you are interested in any trees you see fallen near the roadside, PLEASE contact the homeowner first before taking.
  • What is the process to hang banners on the Main Street light poles?
    • To find out how to submit a written request please CLICK HERE.
  • How do I rent a park facility or athletic field?
    • Please CLICK HERE for information about our park rentals.
  • Who does this tree belong to?
    • If you are concerned about a tree near the roadway but you are not sure whose responsibility it is, please call the Town’s Arborist, Asa Metcalf, at 640-3376 or email us at parksandrec@hanovernh.org.  Please note that Mr. Metcalf does not have constant access to his phone.  Please leave a message and he will return your call.
  • How do I purchase a grave site in Pine Knolls Cemetery?
    • Grave Site Sales FAQ can be found HERE
    • Please call us at 603-643-5315 and we will be happy to talk with you about the steps that need to be taken and meet with you on site to look over the various locations.
    • For complete information on purchasing a grave or burial requirements please review the Town's Cemetery Ordinance HERE
  • I've raked up leaves, now what?
    • Leaves cannot be raked out into the street! This creates a hazardous and unsafe situation which may result in Police involvement. The Town does not offer curbside pickup of leaves. Leaves may be taken to the Lebanon Solid Waste Facility (this includes clumps of sod, soft clippings from shrubs, hay, weeds and tree limbs under 4” in diameter). Please see attendant at the facility for drop off location. Bags must be emptied out.
  • What do the Tree City USA street signs I see on my way into Town mean?
    • Tree City USA is a national standard administered by the Arbor Day Foundation that recognizes communities that show a strong commitment to developing and sustaining their street trees and overall urban tree canopy.  For a complete summary of this program CLICK HERE.  Hanover is proud to have received this annual award every year since 1978.