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News: HPR's Promise to the Future

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5/25/2017 12:00:00 AM  Liz Burdette 

May 25, 2017

HPR’s Promise For The Future
As the Town of Hanover works towards the goal of 100% renewable energy by 2050, HPR is pledging to “Go Green” in all programs and events. This move will reduce waste specifically by targeting one time use products. This promise is environmentally friendly as well as fiscally responsible as HPR will reduce the need to purchase disposable items.
What this means to you and your family:
  • Special Events (4th of July, Pond Party, Fallfest, etc.)
    • Activities will focus on the experience rather than a prize or award.
    • Reduction in one time use plastic or paper products.
    • If treats given out will be consumable and come in a reusable package.
  • Family Nights
    • No more plastic or paper products, please bring your own reusable place settings and water bottle.
  • Out of School Time Childcare Programs
    • Reduction in the need for one time use plastic or paper products.
    • Families will be encouraged to send reusable containers with snacks and lunches.
    • Incentives will be earned by the kids for “zero waste” weeks.
  • Sports
    • Families and athletes will be encouraged to send reusable water bottles to games and practices.
  • Facility Rentals
    • Renters will be encouraged to use the place setting and dishwasher included in the rental.
On all HPR’s advertising moving forward please look to see the “Promise For The Future” line to determine what you will need to bring to participate in the program or what changes to expect.