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Main Street Light Pole Banners


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Main Street Light Pole Banners

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Facility Information

South Main Street
Hanover, NH 03755
Contact: Kerry Osgood  Phone: (603) 643-0701

Request for Light Pole Banners
Permission to hang banners on the light poles located on South Main Street requires the approval of the Selectboard. Please provide a written request to the Hanover Selectboard with the following information:
1. Organization name and short narrative regarding why you feel your banner should be displayed;
2. Description and date of event;
3. Copy or drawing of banner;
4. Time period you would like banner to be hung (typically a one-month period).
5. Letters can be emailed to (Kerry.osgood@hanovernh.org), faxed to 643-1720 or mailed to the Selectboard, Town of Hanover, PO Box 483, Hanover, NH 03755. Please include contact information for the person in charge of delivering and picking up the banner, i.e. telephone number and email address.

Once approval has been issued.
1. Small light pole banners are installed by the Parks & Recreation Department at a cost of $25.00 per banner. There are 10 light poles that may be used (see map below). There may be times when the use of the poles needs to be shared with another organization, in which case, the Town would make the final decision.
2. Banners will need to be delivered to the Parks & Recreation Department at the RWB Community Center, 48 Lebanon Street at least three days, but not more than one week, prior to the ‘hang’ date.
3. Banners should be in some type of enclosed container (e.g. plastic tub, carboard box) along with contact information in the event that there are issues with installation.
4. Banners need to be picked up within three days after being taken down (unless other arrangements are made through the Parks & Recreation Department) or banner will be disposed of by HPR after 5 days.
5. The Town of Hanover is not responsible for lost or damaged banners, any lost or damaged attachments, or for banners disposed of if not picked up within the required timeframe.

Light Pole Banner Specifications:
2. Banner size is 24” wide x 47” long. Banners slide onto 1” rods at top and bottom of banner.
3. Banners may be installed by organization, which requires that an Obstruction Permit be completed with the Public Works Department (this is required because a ladder would be needed/used on the sidewalks to reach the banner brackets). This permit can be found on the Public Works’ website HERE

4. Or banners may be installed by the Parks & Recreation Department at a cost of $25.00 per banner.  Arrangements would need to be made through 
John Sherman at Parks & Recreation 603-643-5315.