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Kendal Park - Waterfront Open Grass Area


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Kendal Park
Rowing Dock
Waterfront Open Grass Area

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Kendal Park

Facility Area Information

84 Lyme Road
Hanover, NH 03755
Contact: HPRreservations@hanovernh.org  

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Any rental requests for large events of more than 50 people or use of an amplified sound system or tent require an approved Outdoor Activities Permit from the Town of Hanover before HPR can approve your facility request.  We are happy to discuss your request before hand to determine if the type of event and date(s) work within our parameters.

For the safety of the public and to avoid costly grounds repairs please refer to the guidelines below to know when it is not appropriate or safe to use the open grass areas.  

These areas will be considered unusable if the following conditions exist either upon entering the area or during the course of the activity.
1.  The park has not yet been open or has been closed for the “season”.
      a. Parks typically open for the season the week of April Vacation.
      b. Parks typically close for the season in mid/late November.
2.  Ponding of water on the grass surface.
3.  Water sponging up around one’s feet when walking on or around the grass.
4.  Unsafe weather conditions such as lightning, thunderstorms, high winds.

Factors to be considered include:
1.  Safety of participants and spectators.
2.  Possibility of liability through accident or injury.
3.  Expense of grass area repair and maintenance and possibility of open grass area becoming unusable.

If a group ignores “Unusable” condition:
1.  Organization/Renter will be responsible for compensating the Town of Hanover for repairs due to damage from negligence or abuse to the facility.
2.  Organization/Renter could be banned from future use of any athletic facility.
3.  Organization/Renter could be held liable and responsible for accidents or injuries incurred due to unsafe conditions.

Reservations & Activities

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Program Event Teams Date Time
End of season banquet Thursday June 2, 2022 04:00 PM - 07:30 PM